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One of the hallmarks of moving is stuff. You’ve got stuff, you need to move it, and you may not have a place to put all your belongings, so you need to store it. From downsizing to a gap in time from place to place, there are many reasons you may need to take advantage of moving storage. 

Store your belongings from days to years.  Our AirVan North American team offers several options to best fit your unique moving and storage service needs and budget.

Storage in Transit

When you’re not ready for delivery of your goods until a later date, we  will take your items to a certified agent warehouse location, offload your items and place them into storage vaults stacked inside of the warehouse. Your belongings will remain in storage until you’re ready for delivery. We do all the work for you – you just make the call to coordinate a delivery date. 


If you’re on a tight budget or need immediate access to your belongings while they’re in storage, self-storage (or DIY storage) may be right for you. AirVan North American will take your items to the self-storage facility of your choice and unload for you. We can also come back to load and deliver your items when you’re ready to move them.


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